Irrigation Repair Services

Fix Your Water Sprinkler System in Southwest Florida

Lawn Sprinkler Repair Company

Our lawn sprinkler repair service keeps will keep your grass, flowers and shrubs looking great all year round on your residential or commercial property. We’ll maintain your existing irrigation system to keep it working properly by fixing old and broken parts. We can also upgrade or replace your existing sprinkler system. Our team specializes in replacing sprinkler heads and broken pipes. We also repair sprinkler system controllers. Have problems with your irrigation water pump? No problem, we have a guy for that.

Irrigation Water Pipe & Sprinkler Head Repair

Caiman Lawn Care Inc. provides expert sprinkler head replacement and water pipes repair services in Lehigh Acres and throughout Southwest Florida. Our sprinkler system maintenance helps save homeowners and business owners money by fixing broken pipes and leaky sprinkler heads. We can also provide regular inspections to detect leaks, blockages or broken sprinkler parts.

Our team provides an irrigation system checkup to assess what repairs are needed by quickly diagnosing and troubleshooting issues. We’ll quickly provide you with an affordable quote to properly repair issues you are experiencing with your lawn’s irrigation system.

Our Services

After your irrigation system has been repaired, we provide lawn and landscape services to keep your yard looking great. We take care of your entire property by properly maintaining your lawn, shrubs, trees and plants.

Caiman Lawn Care, Inc.

Hire the best sprinkler repair company in Southwest Florida. We’ll make sure your irrigation system is working like it should without wasting water due to broken or worn parts.


Maintaining your irrigation system is necessary to prevent major issues like burst pipes or broken sprinkler heads. Our sprinkler system maintenance services consist of checking your water pressure to ensure there are no blockages, looking for missing or broken sprinkler heads, making adjustments to ensure water sprays in the right places, and changing the start and stop to the optimal times for watering your lawn to keep it green and healthy.

Caiman Lawn Care, Inc., Serves Southwest Florida

Caiman Lawn Care Inc. serves residential and commercial customers in Lee and Collier counties. We are a full-service lawn care and landscape design company that also specializes in irrigation repair services. Sprinkler system upkeep helps reduce water usage by ensuring there are no leaks from broken sprinkler heads or water pipes. Our irrigation specialists are professional and polite. They will take the time to questions about your lawn’s sprinkler system.

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